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Greg and Debbie Share Their Testimony

Greg and Debbie Nichols teach God's Word with an uncompromising faith in the power of it to deliver, heal and bless mankind.

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(Financial Rest Ministry and Sharing is Here)

Join this mailing list so we can keep you posted by email about special meetings and fellowship, and prayer directive announcements, plus free teachings and revelations from both Greg and Debbie.  You will also see the latest releases of books and videos.  Once you submit your name and email, then confirm a link in an email that will be sent to you instantly. Then you will receive a welcome email from us immediately.  This mailing list is where Greg's mentoring on FINANCIAL REST is shared, at no charge.
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Go Like us at the White Fields Facebook Page for inspiring free updates at this link!  Also hook up with Greg Nichols personally on Facebook, or, Debbie Nichols on Facebook.  They both do many powerful, free teachings and give mini Bible studies frequently on subjects like addictions, healing, angels, the Glory of God, miracles, Christ's Dominion, Spiritual gifts, and much much more!   Find our latest book releases at "Published Products" above.

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